In all aspects of ministry, we begin by sharing Christ with others. We believe that developing a balanced ministry would be in vain if sharing Christ with others is not the focus. As we travel over the terrains of Africa, into remote villages, down muddy pathways, through crowded streets and into the lives of the lost, our goal is to tell everyone about the love of Christ.


Once we have evangelized a village for a period of time and feel that God is leading us to begin a new work, we locate a national pastor who will partner with us to start a new church. Many times our churches begin under a mango tree or in someone’s mud hut. As people come to Christ, we begin to have Bible studies, working with them one on one, helping them to understand what it means to be a Christian. Buildings will be developed later as the church begins to grow and funds are raised.

Church Planting

From 15 students in 2007 to over 650 students currently – we have seen our schools grow because of people just like you. The government education in Kenya provided in most villages is severely inadequate with a ratio of 70 students to 1 teacher. By hiring qualified teachers and beginning with pre-school age children, we are able to provide a better learning environment. Our classes have 36 students w/ a teacher and assistant providing instruction. This enables us to tailor an education to the needs of each child. Through donations from short term mission teams, we are able to provide books, paper, pencils and other necessary tools to enhance their learning experience. Each year, we will begin the next grade level so the pre-school child can benefit from a quality, Christian education through their middle school years. We believe they are the future leaders of Kenya and want to prepare them for a bright future.


We have partnered with several Christian organizations to provide two balanced meals a day for the children in the remote villages of Kenya. We combine our Feeding Programs with education and medicine to meet the needs of these kids, their families and the people in the surrounding areas. Most people in the villages do not have clean, safe drinking water and many die as a result of this. By providing clean drinking water and nutritional food, we are seeing amazing results in the health of the Kenyan people.
We’re thankful for our ministry partner, Manna Worldwide. Working together makes these ministries possible.

Feeding Centers

Our goal is to open the hearts of the Kenyan people to the gospel by providing quality health care in the remote areas of Africa. Working with short-term missions teams, we organize medical clinic days and are able to help thousands of men, women and children who are suffering from a multitude of illness and disease. On a daily basis, we work with the village schools to provide medicine for the sick, continued wellness check-ups, de-worming and vitamins. We also spend time educating the children on ways to keep their bodies healthy.
Our clinic at Maasai Corner Ministries has a lab and a labor and delivery suite.  The lab allows our team to properly diagnose illnesses in a timely manner.  Our labor and delivery program has helped the ladies in the rural villages learn how to take care of themselves and to better prepare for the birth of their child.
Contact Lisa Moore at:  medical@real4christ.com

Medical Care

Water gives life! People die everyday in Kenya due to water contamination. Real 4 Christ wants to change that. We identify villages that do not have a clean water source and through the donations of people around the world, we are able we work with local drillers and Replenish to provide Lifestraw filtration systems to places where clean drinking water isn’t available.  Please consider “adopting” a village that needs a borehole or filtration system. You can help us meet the basic needs of the Kenyan people.

Clean Water