Real 4 Christ Ministries is a faith-based, non-profit organization that is committed to reaching East African lives for Christ. We have found that by reaching out to the Kenyan people in the following areas, they have become more receptive and open to hearing the gospel!


We accomplish God’s purpose for our ministry by working with indigenous pastors and their local churches. Our ministries consist of evangelism, church planting, feeding programs, education and medicine. 

OUR Purpose

We are confident that by allowing God to work in and through us, many lives here in Kenya will be forever changed for His glory!

Missions Verse: Jeremiah 29:11

OUR Plans

To be a part of an organization like R4C that is making a deep and meaningful impact for God’s Kingdom is an experience like no other. Through the joys and challenges of our time in Kenya serving with R4C, the spiritual lives of our entire team grew in ways we could not have imagined. As we prepared for the mission trip, David and Kim took care of all of the logistics so that our team could focus on preparing our hearts and minds to be used by God to serve the people in Kenya. Always available, always invested, and a lot of fun - we could not have asked for better mission trip coordinators, nor a better experience. We fell in love with the people of Kenya, and we left the country forever changed and further equipped to do ministry in our daily lives. If I could only ever go on one mission trip, I would choose R4C.

Celeste and Jonathon Graschel

Hannah marshall

I would definitely recommend a missions trip with R4C because I was able to be a part of what God is doing in Kenya. I was able to meet people whose  lives are being changed by R4C providing education, food and the Gospel. Not only do the schools change the lives of the students, but also the families.  It changed me personally. I leaned into God and heard from Him in new ways. My eyes were opened to see how He works throughout the world, in the most unlikely places. Places that seem to be struck with poverty and no hope, God has shown his power and has begun to change lives by using the missionaries that work in Real 4 Christ. 

Evangelist ken freeman

I was so blessed to go to Kenya in January 2019. My life was forever changed. I received so much love from the children and people I met. This mission was different than any I've been on. The joy and contentment that the people had was nothing short of what happiness in Jesus looks like. I also met Ferdinand, the child I sponsor, and another little girl who wanted to come home with me. I left a piece of my heart in Kenya and I am patiently waiting for God to call me back.

Gail grant

Naomi Gutierrez

Meeting the kids my dad and I sponsor in person was so special to me! From 1st grade to my senior year of High School, I was blessed to have someone pay for me to attend a private school in San Antonio so I could get a Christian education. I praise God for giving me and my dad the opportunity to do the same in sponsoring children to get a Christian education with Real 4 Christ Ministries!

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