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Smiling faces and gloved hands

Two of the most important members of the Maasai Corner staff are Gladys Mtile and Esther Mfulo. They are our faithful cleaners. They may not seem like much from the outside but behind those smiling faces and gloved hands are AMAZING ladies. Each one has four children. Their children are their passion and the reason why wake up daily, without fail to clean classes, wash toilets and clean up the messes made by our students at Maasai Corner Academy.


Gladys has two children who are students at Maasai Corner, one in Jr High school and one who attends a school for children with disabilities. Neither her nor her husband were able to continue their learning past the 7th grade so quality education for their children is very important to them. Her husband works odd jobs around the village of Barcelona and struggles to provide for his family. Gladys rarely shows the heavy burdens she carries inside and avoids any conversation regarding her personal life. She enjoys her job, is a hard worker and very kindhearted Christian.

Esther Mfulo has three children at Maasai Corner Academy. She is a very joyful person making everyone smile as she glides effortlessly through her day, cleaning like a superwoman!

Her husband farms the small piece of land they have. She is a good mother walking her children to school each day early so she can be on time for work. Esther expresses often how blessed she is with a job and an opportunity for her children to receive a good education at MAASAI Corner. Her prayer is they will have a bright future. Maasai Corner is her home away from home and the kids love it here as they get to see their mom at school. Every Sunday she walks them to church so they can learn about God and be lead in the right path for their lives.

We have some amazing staff members. Please keep all of our staff in your prayers as they serve our students and further the Kingdom!


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