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Caroline Dzombo a little Maasai Academy Warrior

The children in Kenya face many challenges, especially the girls.  Many of them have chores and things that they have to do before even thinking about coming to school.  We are striving to give these children the best education possible so that they can help break the cycle of poverty in Kenya and be a godly future for the country.  Caroline’s story is one of hundreds that we can share with you of children growing up in great poverty in Kenya.

Caroline Dzombo is different from the other class 3 students. She stands out as one of the remarkable kids, who in the face of adversity keeps on smiling. She has been brought up in a large family with all of the extended family members living in a single place. Caroline has learned to be an individual, despite her parents being old and struggling to feed the entire family. Caroline’s dad is a low-income teacher at a local school, struggling to keep his place and her mom stays at home to till the small farm supplying them with food when money is short. To most these are valid reasons to despair in life but she keeps on. Caroline performs well in class attaining, 430 marks out of 500 even after the hard drought that hit the area and most kids stayed at home.

The past few months have been tough on them, their house caught fire after the kitchen was set ablaze by unknown circumstances but they were able to quench it in time before it spread to the whole house. They are unable to rebuild again having so many needs. And still you will see her smiling and laughing and coming to school even though she comes from a small village 4km (2.5 miles) away. This is true triumph over adversity, a smart girl who knows there is hope for a brighter future at Maasai Corner Academy where she gets to learn and play, gets something to eat and feels at home in school. She indeed is a Maasai Corner warrior.


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