From 15 students in 2007 to over 425 students currently – we have seen our schools grow because of people just like you. The government education in Kenya provided in most villages is severely inadequate with a ratio of 70 students to 1 teacher. By hiring qualified teachers and beginning with pre-school age children, we are able to provide a better learning environment. Our classes have 36 students w/ a teacher and assistant providing instruction. This enables us to tailor an education to the needs of each child. Through donations from short term mission teams, we are able to provide books, paper, pencils and other necessary tools to enhance their learning experience. Each year, we will begin the next grade level so the pre-school child can benefit from a quality, Christian education through their middle school years.

Mbewau and Maasai Corner Academies have kindergarten through Standard 8.  These students will be with us for 11 years.  We believe they are the future leaders of Kenya and want to prepare them for a bright future.