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The Nzungu Brothers’ Long Walk to School

Simon Nzungu, who is in the 2nd Grade and his younger brother Mutua in KG2, wake up every morning at 5am just so they can get to school on time at Maasai Corner Academy. Every day for them is a struggle with uphill climbs and steep descents, across harsh terrains. They walk over 6 miles to reach Maasai Corner Academy to get to school and the same distance returning home.  They walk this journey because the destination is the only place where they can receive 2 nutritious meals, a quality education and free medical treatment, there is no other hope for them to make a better future.

It wasn’t always like this for the Nzungu brothers.  Their mother was able find odd jobs around their village to make money to pay a motorbike to transport the boys until her sister died suddenly after giving birth leaving a newborn girl that she must care for in addition to her two sons. The care of a newborn requires a lot of time, so mom is no longer able to do work outside their home to pay for school transportation.

With their school shoes in their backpacks, Mutua and Simon begin their 2 hour journey in the dark, walking barefoot so their shoes are dry and clean when they arrive at school.     

If there was a way we could all walk the muddy trails these two boys walk each day, endure the struggles that they endure, then perhaps we would all have a better understanding and a better appreciation of the value of a good Christian education.  Real 4 Christ cares for more than 600 children, many of them have similar stories.  We want to change a life, one child at a time.  Thank you for helping us do exactly that!

Mutua Nzungu

Simon Nzungu

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