You can make a difference one child at a time!

Through your support of $35/month, your child receives two nutritious meals a day, a quality christian education, school uniforms, shoes, access to clean drinking water and medical care as needed! You will also receive regular updates from your child.

Real 4 Christ currently has two schools with over 500 students

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Mbewau Academy

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Sponsor a Child

Maasai Corner Academy

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Sponsor a Child

Connecting you with your child is very important to us!

We will be sending out quarterly updates. These will include: photos, crafts, coloring sheets and letters, all made for you with love, from your child in Kenya.

Sponsors can also send emails to their kids (Just click the contact button to send your message) and/or give a gift to their child from the online store.

For Child Sponsorship Support email Kim Hayes 


Give a Gift from our online store

Real 4 Christ has just opened our online store where you can go and purchase items that the kids want and really need.


David and Kim Hayes are responsible for managing the child sponsorship program and missions trips to Kenya! They have been representing Real 4 Christ Ministries and speaking about child sponsorship at churches, business meetings, church camps and conferences all over the United States. They would love to come and speak to your group about R4C and Kenya. You can contact them


Or donate to their ministry fund