September Newsletter 2012

sept newsletter pic

The last four months have been very busy and exciting here in Mombasa! Lisa & I have had the privilege of hosting several “short term mission” teams from America. During this time, over 200 people have come to Christ and many more have been encouraged. Each team had its own unique focus. The types of ministry these teams brought included teaching, construction, sports ministry, medical and dental services. Every team participated in “hut to hut” evangelism and many were able to share their personal testimonies with the African people. There were days when many came to Christ and days were it seemed every person we met were Muslim and had no intention of converting. Both of our ministry sites were encouraged and blessed by the presence of all these visitors from America. Lisa & I were especially blessed by each person that sacrificed two weeks or more to be a part of Real 4 Christ Ministries here on the coast of Kenya.

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