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Little hands tell a story you may not want to hear….


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Little hands tell a story you may not want to hear……

These are the hands of a 3 year old girl living somewhere in the middle of nowhere.  She will probably never go to school, never get a job, never have a “normal” life a child deserves.  Every day is an incredibly hard day for her.  She rises before the sun and fetches water from a river nearby, then works in the garden next to her mom, helps raise her 1 year old brother, and has responsibilities most adults in the western world never will.  There is little play-time for her as this means distraction from expected daily chores.

Within the next 10 years or so, her parents may likely “sell” her off to the highest bidder.  It will be a man sometimes 30 years older than her, who happens to have something her parents need; a goat, a cow, a $100 or less.  She will then be “legally” raped by this complete stranger, night after night, as she is forced into an intimate relationship a child should never experience.  As a young teen, she will then give birth to another child she has no idea how to care for and many times doesn’t even want.  Then, unfortunately, the sad yet vicious cycle repeats itself over and over again.

Why do we do what we do, away from family, friends and loved ones?  Why do we care? Because we believe Real 4 Christ is the answer to this problem. Getting these girls into school, caring for them, protecting them and showing them their true love, Jesus Christ, is already making a difference in so many lives.  Help us help many more like this precious girl.

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