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Hut to hut evangelism

This year we saw many people give their lives to Christ. One pastor came to us in June and said, “I have heard of a miracle today. Several people that we have been praying for a long time have accepted Christ.” This is Shelby’s story of sharing the love of Christ with an elderly man along the southern coast of Kenya.

On July 14th several Kenyan people gave their lives to Christ. My team walked hut to hut sharing the Good News as the Lord has commanded us to do. When we came across a hut in the village of Kwale, we soon found out this family were relatives of a deacon at the Mwakalanga church. I had the amazing opportunity to share the Gospel with the deacons 89 year old father, who was a Muslim.

I explained that in other religions people have to climb a mountain by doing good works to reach their god. But in Christianity Jesus Christ comes down the mountain to meet us. Not by doing good works, not by praying a certain amount of times a day, but just believing that Jesus is Lord. I expressed to him that Jesus does love him and cares about his well being. After several others shared and we prayed over him, he had decided to give his life to Christ. What a beautiful moment for we have gained a new brother in Christ!”

Hut to hut evangelism is always one of the most memorable parts of an R4C Mission Trip.  We would love for you to join us in Kenya in 2019.


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