Our Story – Kenya Missionaries

Chris Moore was privileged to grow up in Kenya working along side his parents, Tom & LaDell Moore. During their years of ministry to the African people, God allowed them to experience thousands of salvations and baptisms, build Bible Colleges and develop over 30 churches. Chris attended Rift Valley Academy for seven years, graduating in 1985. The following year, he returned to America and served in the US NAVY for four years. During his service in Charleston, South Carolina, God brought him to Lisa and they were married. Since their marriage in 1988, Chris and Lisa have worked side-by-side in different areas of ministry.

Moore FamilyIn 2007 Chris and Lisa Moore founded Real 4 Christ Ministries. They began ministering part-time as Kenya Missionaries while raising funds in the United States. In 2008 they received approval from the Baptist Bible Fellowship International, opening the doors to share their ministry in churches across the country. Their home church, Hallmark Baptist in Ft. Worth, Texas along with Pastor Mike Haley, have an integral part in supporting Real 4 Christ Ministries.

Today, Chris and Lisa are full time Kenya Missionaries living in Mombasa, Kenya. Chris enjoys preaching in the villages, teaching young pastors in Bible College and training the national people to run the day-to-day ministry of the churches, schools, feeding centers and clinics that R4C is establishing in the remote villages. Lisa uses her nursing education to help meet the physical needs of the Kenyan people. Through providing free medicine to the school children, their families and communities surrounding the villages, their lives are being drastically changed forever. Chris and Lisa are blessed with two amazing children who are attending college in the US. Their daughter, Crystal lives in San Antonio, Texas, and their son, Brandon in College Station, Texas.