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Education is Their Hope

Tatu is one of the most adorable little girls at Maasai Corner Academy. Her older sister Zubeda, in KG3 looks after her coming to school and going home. Tatu is a sweet little girl full of life that loves to play but behind that big smile there is a story. Tatu and Zubeda are brought up in hardship by a mom who has no job and no skill whatsoever. She struggles to do odd jobs to get by. Their dad goes off for several days sometimes to find work wherever he can just to make ends meet. Mom ensures that she keeps Tatu and Zubeida in school because it’s the only way to guarantee that they at least have something warm in their bellies. Nothing is certain for them except outside of school. Their mom occasionally helps out in nearby farms so she has something to take home. It’s a struggle just to keep them fed and in school. This is their life. Education at Maasai Corner is their hope. This is their own little struggle in their own little way.


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